Eye Tests

Optician Eye Test

Utilising a Visual Field Machine for Comprehensive Eye Care

We are committed to providing the highest level of eye care using advanced technology. That's why we incorporate the use of a Visual Field Machine during our examinations.

A Visual Field Machine is a sophisticated diagnostic tool that allows us to assess your peripheral vision accurately. By measuring your visual field, we can identify any potential issues that may affect your overall vision and safety.

Regular screenings with a Visual Field Machine are particularly important for adults of all ages. Conditions such as nerve damage, trauma, or strokes can lead to peripheral vision loss, which can pose risks for drivers and pedestrians.

By utilising this advanced technology, we can detect any abnormalities in your visual field early on. This enables us to provide prompt treatment and intervention, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your eye health.

Rest assured we will guide you through the process and explain the results of your Visual Field Machine examination in a clear and understandable manner. We prioritise your comfort, safety, and overall eye health throughout the entire process.

Eye Charts

Customised Test Charts for Accurate Prescription

We believe in providing personalized eye care that meets your unique optical requirements. That's why our modern test charts are carefully tailored to your individual needs, utilizing advanced measurement systems such as Snellen.LogMAR, and contrast sensitivity charts.

By using these specialised charts, we can accurately determine your prescription, ensuring that it is precisely suited to your visual capabilities. This personalized approach allows us to optimise your vision and enhance your overall eye health.

In addition, our test charts are available in a wide range of languages, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder your eye examination experience. We strive to provide inclusive and accessible eye care services to meet the diverse needs of our patients.

Slit Light Exam

Unveiling the Hidden Layers of Your Eyes with a Slit Lamp Examination

While the front of your eye may seem like a transparent window, it's actually comprised of multiple layers that go unnoticed by the naked eye. These delicate layers, despite being only half a millimeter thick, play a crucial role in your vision.

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation of these intricate layers, we utilize a powerful microscope called a slit lamp. This advanced instrument harnesses an intense light source, allowing us to explore the depths of your eye with precision.

By employing the slit lamp, we can effectively identify various eye conditions that may cause the common symptom of "red eye". Through a thorough and detailed examination, we can provide an accurate diagnosis that forms the basis for appropriate treatment.

Rest assured that every patient we encounter receives the benefits of our slit lamp examination. It is an indispensable tool in our comprehensive approach to eye care, enabling us to detect and address underlying issues that may impact your vision and overall eye health.


Monitoring Eye Pressure with a Tonometer

The flow of fluid within the eye plays a vital role in maintaining its internal pressure. However, sometimes the drainage system can encounter obstructions of unknown origin, leading to increased eye pressure and potential development of glaucoma.

When left unaddressed, elevated eye pressure can compress the delicate nerves in the eye, resulting in peripheral vision loss (refer to visual fields for testing procedures).

To address this concern, we regularly utilize a non-invasive pressure-measuring device called a tonometer. This tool allows us to measure eye pressure accurately without the need for eye drops. Its non-invasive nature makes it a popular choice among our patients, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

By monitoring eye pressure with a tonometer, we can detect and manage potential issues promptly, safeguarding your vision and overall eye health. 

Eye Examinations for All Ages, Including Children

When it comes to eye examinations for children, the answer is simple: "at any age." We understand that not all children can read or respond to questions verbally. That's why we utilize a special tool called a Retinoscope, which allows us to objectively assess their prescription.

With the Retinoscope, we can determine if there are any significant refractive errors that require early correction or if their vision falls within normal limits. This objective assessment is crucial for identifying potential issues and ensuring appropriate intervention.

As children grow older, we adapt our examination techniques. They can identify letters of different sizes on a card, and later on, we can use images of familiar objects such as cars, yachts, and airplanes to assess their visual acuity. We also conduct other sensitive tests to ensure both eyes are functioning correctly and that their color vision is within acceptable limits.

Our comprehensive approach to eye examinations for children ensures that their vision is thoroughly evaluated at every stage of development. By detecting and addressing any potential issues early on, we aim to optimize their visual health and provide the necessary support for their educational and daily activities.

Schedule an eye examination for your child today, and rest assured that their vision is in expert hands. We are dedicated to providing attentive and personalised care for patients of all ages.